About Us

About Us

At Nagoya Textiles & Fashion Sdn Bhd, we believe the beauty of textiles goes beyond aesthetic value, weaving into the very fabric of life itself with a remarkable capacity to bring colour, energy and emotion to you and your living environment. From garments that express your personality to fabrics that enhance the atmosphere of your space, our aim is to deliver high quality textile products that fulfil your fashion and decorative needs, as well as enrich your lifestyle experience.

Our craft is inspired by a dedication to artistry, innovation and creativity, while passion drives us to source the finest fabrics around the globe to provide a spectrum of materials, decorative patterns and colours to our valued customers. Via the convenience of our fabric online store, our products and services are made available to you with just a few simple clicks.

Believing in the transformative power of fabrics, we have seen our business grow from a single outlet to a family of branches located across Peninsular Malaysia today, while our dedicated staff has grown from just 20 personnel to over 1,000.

Our journey of growth has also seen the company receive important recognition over the years, including awards from the Kedah, Perak and Terengganu state governments for the high-quality affordable products we offer. We have also earned national recognition in the form of the Kedai Pilihan Rakyat 1Malaysia award as well as the Kedai Harga Patut award from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Company Introduction

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Nagoya Textiles & Fashion is a one-stop unique textile supplier with multiple branches located across Peninsular Malaysia. The company specialises in supplying a diverse range of textiles, curtains, garments and accessories. From traditional favourites such as Baju Kurung and Baju Melayu to fashionably contemporary Baju Raya, Bridal Lace or Kebaya Moden – among many others – we have the fabrics that meet and surpass your needs. More than this we supply stunning curtain fabrics and provide the convenience of installation services for a number of rod curtain railing types; including metal and wooden rod railings, Roman and Venetian blinds and timber blinds.

In serving you, we are committed to the highest level of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves to be “dressed to the nines” and that the beauty, style and confidence that comes with good fashion should never be limited by income brackets. As such, our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the latest trends via our extensive range of high-quality, but very affordably priced, textile products. We also aim to deliver this to you with the greatest convenience and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the very best of fabric trends and fashion to every household, and to be a convenient one-stop solution for consultation, design, tailoring and supply of outstanding textile products.

We will always be committed to the provision of stylish comfortable wear and stunning fabrics for the home, but as we evolve, we are also determined to work towards greater sustainability by continuing to adopt best practices in our production and operational methods. Furthermore, we aim to create more job opportunities for Malaysians as we grow, as part of our commitment give back to our local community and contribute to the national economy.